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TUIO Hackathon
Studio at ITS 2014, November 16th, Dresden, Germany

Studio Topics

While the original TUIO specification has been implemented for various hardware and software environments, the next TUIO generation does not yet provide many feature complete reference implementations, although its specification has been finalized and partially implemented by community members. This TUIO Hackathon is addressing expert users and developers of hardware and software environments for surface-based tangible user interfaces that are interested in experimenting with the new TUIO framework, with the goal of initiating the development and integration of new TUIO implementations.

Call for Participation

This workshop primarily targets software- and hardware developers that are planning to integrate the TUIO framework into their existing tangible interaction platforms and applications. After an initial overview to the general architecture of the TUIO protocol, we will introduce the extended feature set of the 2.0 specification compared to the present generation and its implementations. The goal of this hackathon is to initiate a wider adoption of the next generation TUIO framework by producing a core set of software implementations and hardware integrations. Finally the workshop will provide a forum to discuss possible design improvements as well as an outlook into a future organization of the TUIO community.

Schedule (preliminary)

Important Dates


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